Kitchen Design Styles – Denver, NC

What style speaks to you? Do you enjoy sipping your coffee while overlooking the lake from your serene nautical home or would you prefer a warm inviting traditional home with eclectic and rustic accents? From crisp clean white and coastal blue’s to rustic alders there is a unique cabinet style for everyone’s taste! Whether classic, contemporary, or rustic we can help you reimagine you space.

Do you entertain a lot? Do you need a space for the kids to sit and eat breakfast or do their homework? While the beauty of the space is important, the functionality is the key to a truly great space! We dive in to how you use your kitchen and maximize your storage while improving your layout and function.

Kitchen Workspace

The kitchen most often consists of three work spaces, namely the stove, the refrigerator, and the kitchen sink. Cooking and preparing food can be a difficult task if the three basic work spaces in the kitchen is not properly designed. A common practice when planning out a kitchen renovation is designing the three workspaces in a triangle with adequate spaces in between. That way transitioning over to one area of the kitchen is a lot easier and would also with the space in between the main work areas, would prevent bumping into other people also preparing food in the kitchen.

If you have a lot more room to spare on the kitchen floor, you may consider having a kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen. Having the kitchen island will give you more space to work with as well as an area for people to relax in either to take a break from the cooking or just to watch those who are preparing the food.

The Kitchen as a Multifunctional Space

The living room is often the place where people gather during parties. However, when the guests are plenty, some do gather at the kitchen instead. The kitchen space is no longer solely for cooking food, it is now also a place to relax, and even a space where work can be done. When doing your kitchen design, the versatility of the space should be kept in mind. Having an open, spacy, and attractive kitchen where people could gather and relax while preparing food can add a lot to the overall feel of the kitchen.

Earlier, we discussed the idea of having a kitchen island if the floor room allows it. Aside from having extra table space, to make it more multifunctional, adding chairs to the island can make the island function as an extended dining area. The kitchen island can also have a sink installed as a secondary sink for the kitchen which people can use to wash their hands if the main sink is in use.

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Kitchen Cabinets

A space may already be considered a kitchen when the stove, sink, and fridge are present. But another essential element in any kitchen space are the cabinets. The cabinets not only serve as storage for the food and dining ware, but it also accentuates the whole look of the kitchen. More often than not, the cabinets can make or break the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Consider the location of the cabinets when doing a kitchen remodel and make sure the spaces are within reach especially for the kitchen spices. Add hooks for the kitchen cooking utensils. Also build the cabinets around the fridge, range hood, or the microwave oven.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles – Denver, NC

Kitchen cabinets play an important part in any kitchen. You can spice up your kitchen storage space with cabinets made of modern hardware, decorative colors, and finishes. Whether you are looking for a modern look or something more traditional, these cabinet design ideas go beyond plain-old cupboards. Here are some of the best kitchen cabinets

Patterned Cabinets – This cabinet design is ideal for a classic white kitchen. A white kitchen looks timeless but can be a bit dull. A patterned cabinet can make your kitchen a little bit more interesting. You can add more details like diamond-patterned mesh inserts to enhance the look and feel of the cabinet.

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metallic cabinets- Denver, NC

Metallic Cabinets – Metallic will enhance the appearance of the interiors of the kitchen. A metallic cabinet with a brushed gold finish is the best for your modern kitchen. You may introduce more down to earth materials like jute to make sure the cabinet isn’t too flashy in the kitchen.

Corner Cabinets – Customizing your kitchen cabinets to fit into the corners of the kitchen gives extra space in your home. You will have more storage space in the kitchen to store your utensils with this type of cabinet. If the odd shape doesn’t fit your kitchen, you can opt for two slimmer kitchen cabinets for each side of the kitchen.

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Decora & Schrock Cabinets – Denver

Here at Innovative Interiors, we make sure that our customers are getting the highest quality products. That is why we have partnered up with Decora cabinets as well as Schrock cabinets. Both of which are subsidiaries of MasterBrand Cabinets, which has maintained the reputation of being one of America’s top cabinetmakers with the help of both brands.