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Innovative Interiors is a bathroom cabinet and design company in Denver, NC. To help you understand how to update the look of your bathroom design, we will give you some ideas on how to catch up with the newest trends. There are a lot of new bathroom renovation ideas to take inspiration from. A typical small bathroom has a bathtub, sink cabinet, mirror, and toilet setup. With modern trends in mind, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when getting ready to overhaul your bathroom

Denver Bathroom Design Ideas

Denver Bathroom designs have evolved to modern taste. Nowadays, a more spacious aesthetic is the trend for most house spaces including small areas. Large amounts of storage are not necessary or common for bathrooms these days. Cabinets in the bathroom vanity area tend to eat up a lot of space in the room. Free up your bathroom by getting rid of extra towels, cosmetics, and other products that you do not normally use regularly. Instead of having a huge cabinet, you can instead have a narrow open shelf installed. That way, the items can be visible and be decluttered right away if necessary.

Adding functionality in your bathroom design can also clear up space. For example, instead of adding more cabinets or shelves, you can add wall hooks for clothing. Adding floating fixtures such as the toilet, floating shelves, even a floating toilet paper holder can really free up your bathroom space. With that in mind, you can potentially have a laundry area set up in your bathroom or have a bigger vanity area. One can also add a bathroom urinal for the males in the house with the freed up space. The larger free space also makes it easier to clean the bathroom with more room to move around the cleaning tools.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms remodels can also gain a lot from adding big wall mirrors, most especially smaller bathrooms. Adding big wall mirrors in any room can give it the illusion of having more space than there actually is. Even half wall mirrors or vertical mirrors can create the illusion of more space. So keep that in mind when you plan on doing your next bathroom renovation.

Most if not all bathrooms are made with white tiles and fixtures. It may give the bathroom a brighter and lighter feel, however, it does leave the bathroom a bit unappealing to the eyes since having most of the room white gives it a lack of depth visually. Having black anything black in your bathroom such as the tiles, walls, ceiling, and even fixtures will definitely give a lot of character and appeal to your bathroom space.

Aside from having black in the bathroom space, having textured finishes and patterns also give it the extra appeal. Wooden fixtures or industrial cement fixtures add to that feel. Patterned tiles on the walls or floor can also give you a good piece to look at in the bath. This will also add to the illusion that mirrors give making it feel that you have more space than there actually is.

Shower Door Enclosures

Having smaller bathrooms can let you focus more on the finishing since you can only put so much in a smaller area. Adding accent lighting can make your bathroom look more elegant and feel expensive even though the cost is not that high. For the walls, you can decorate the upper half with more quality tiles or even marble finish.

Shower door enclosures add a more illusory space to any small bathroom. It will also add more class to your bathroom since it is in line with the current trend of having more space and minimalism. A walk-in shower is perfect to have those glass enclosures installed. If you would still prefer to have a bathtub installed, an option to have a tub enclosure is also available.

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Bathroom Design & Types For Your Next Remodeling in Denver, NC

denver nc bathroom ideasFor a long time, bathrooms were regarded as functional parts of a home, and people did not put much thought into them when designing homes. However, bathroom designs can transform any home and light it up. This way, it helps to look into some of the top bathroom designs in Denver, NC and our experts can satisfy your expectations.

Contemporary Designs

The 21st century has brought along with it a move towards minimalism when it comes to bathroom designs. Property owners are seeking sleek, modernistic elements for their bathrooms and it’s a trend that’s become commonplace.

These designs can include:

  •  Dark-stained Wood
  •  Glass Tiles
  •  Engineered Counters (Stone)

Traditional Designs

While some favor contemporary designs, it’s important to keep an eye towards classic variations that have been around for a long time. There’s a reason for their success and why so many property owners enjoy going down this route.

These designs can include:

  • Glass
  • Matching Colors
  •  Polished Wood